Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The blog keeps chugging along--May in review

I managed another month of daily posts in May.  With a couple of days that featured multiple posts, this blog's output post wise was it's highest over the first 5 months, with 37 cards posted.

I've made an effort over the past couple of days to show off a few more Jim Thome cards, so that the  amount of cards shown of both Sakic and Thome are just about even again (Sakic is ahead by just one now).   I've also made it a point to show all the various versions of a particular card (base + parallels) on the same day, so I can get them all out of the way at one time.

Not only did I have the most posts for a month, I also had the most page views, with 475 as of this writing.  The blog also gained its 6th follower (Night Owl, thank you Greg) and is being shown on a couple of more blog rolls, which I think are starting to help the numbers. 

I must also say that it's been easier to keep this blog going since I've toned down on posting on the main blog.  I didn't do that by design, it just kind of worked out that way.   I don't plan on letting the main blog go dormant; honestly it's just been more difficult to put together full length posts.

I've also had fun going through the careers of the players I collect, learning a bit about their goal/home run histories.  I really haven't added a whole lot of cards for any of my PCs over the past couple of months, and that may remain the case for the next little while until my wife and I find a home to move into. 

To those who have been reading steady, thank you!!

- Robert

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