Thursday, June 23, 2016

Brett Lawrie card #27 2013 Topps Wal Mart blue parallel #13

  • Post #200 folks.  I feel that I've committed myself to this blog and the purpose that I originally intended.  Showing off 1 card at a time, and growing an online checklist.   There's still a long way to go, since I have about 1200 cards for my 5 PCs total.
  • The Wal Mart blue parallels are probably my 2nd favorite parallel for the Jays, next to the darker blue Opening Day parallels.  They just fit the team so well in my opinion.  
  • I have 2 more cards featuring this same photo that I still have to post about, Opening Day and Topps Mini.  But I've stuck with the same methodology with these posts, going page by page in my binders.   So with 5 Bowman/Bowman Chrome cards with the same photo on the same page as the 4 cards you've seen today, those other 2 will have to wait a couple of weeks.
  • Don't ask me why I did these posts 3.5 hours apart today.  I just did.  
 - Robert

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