Thursday, June 16, 2016

Andrew McCutchen card #10 2010 Allen & Ginter #124

  • This might be the card with the least amount of hair visible on Cutch, facial or on his head.  If you look at the body of his cards, seeing him with no dreadlocks or mustache is just weird (no offense Andrew).
  • That being said, this card is great.  Warmup jersey, kind of a smoky/cloudy border with the red hue makes the card a bit ethereal (if I'm using that word the right way).
  • I have no variations of this card at all.  No minis, no jerseys, nothing.  There's no major hurry to get them as well.  
  • Notice I skipped Brett Lawrie this week.   His next page of cards is actually 4 variations of one card, along with 5 variations of another card.   More marathons...
- Robert

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