Monday, June 27, 2016

Jim Thome card #78 1996 Zenith #6

  • For a company called Zenith, this design surely doesn't make me believe that they are at the top.  Good photo of Jim, yes, but the background of bats fanned out doesn't inspire me one bit.
  • Isn't sunglasses and eye black overkill?
  • Home run #78 for Jim saw him first pitch swinging against Willie Adams of the Oakland A's, 8/10/96.  I had no idea who Willie Adams was, so I had to look.   He pitched 2 seasons of big league ball for the A's in '96 and '97.  The first season wasn't too bad numbers wise, but the ERA ballooned along with the WHIP, while the SO/BB ratio plummeted.  Willie pitched a handful of seasons after that in the minors before hanging them up in 2001.
- Robert

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