Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Jim Thome card #72 1996 Bazooka #21

  • 9/25/1996--Jim hits his 30th HR of the season, making the Indians the first AL team in history to have 4 30 HR hitters. That was the "funny fortune" on the back, a made up stat.  Jim's 30th HR actually came August 27th against Justin Thompson of the Tigers.  The Indians would only have 3 30 HR hitters that year, Thome, Belle and Ramirez.
  • Not a bad design to be honest.  Like the old time Bazooka logo in the upper left corner, along with the team and player name on the bat.  Nothing fancy, but nothing cheap either.  
  • Longest stretch between homers during the '96 season for Thome?  17 days.  He hit HR's in both ends of a double header on 5/21 vs the Brewers, then wouldn't go yard again until the 7th of June vs the Angels.  
- Robert

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