Thursday, June 22, 2017

Andrew McCutchen card #61 2014 Topps Red #150

  • Part of a recent Sportlots order, it was nice and cheap at just a quarter.  Going to have to try and pad the McCutchen PC through Sportlots instead of COMC.   Save too much not to justify doing it that way.
  • Notice on the trading card database that they don't reference this red as the Target red parallel.  Same with the Wal Mart blue.   Maybe that just the way I refer to them...
  • Now that McCutchen is hot the trade rumors have started up again.  The division is so close right now that one really good run will have them near the top of the NL Central.  Maybe that's just not enough anymore as far as management is concerned in Steel Town.
- Robert

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Joe Sakic card #208 1996-97 Donruss Canadian Ice #78

  • Easy to tell that this photo was taken during the 96-97 season.  In the foreground is Dave Reid, whose first season in Dallas was 96-97.
  • Donruss Canadian Ice was a small 150 card set.  There were two different types of Press Proofs, Gold and Red.  I don't have either of those.  
  • There is also an O Canada insert as well, limited to 2000 copies.  There are 2 available right now on COMC, both priced near $8.  Maybe some day...
- Robert

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Andrew McCutchen card #60 2015 Topps Museum Collection #78

  • Never have, and probably never will bust open a pack of Museum Collection.  At $270 for a 4 pack box (ebay auction), it's certainly out of my price range.
  • I don't know what to say about the design, it kind of reminds me of something I would see on an architectural drawing.  
  • Amazingly there's only two colors of parallels, copper and green.  The green is serial #'d to 199.  
  • Also surprising is the low cost of these on COMC.  The cheapest copy of this card is just 80 cents.  For as much as the packs cost, you'd think singles would still go for at least a couple of bucks.
- Robert

Monday, June 19, 2017

Brett Lawrie card #63 2014 Stadium Club # 192

  • I've mentioned before that it's been kind of tiring to see the repeated pictures of Lawrie in a throwing motion.  Stadium Club just does it a little better for some reason.  I don't mind this shot as much.  
  • Lawrie is always a warrior when he plays.  The eye black shows it on this card.  Can't see his career ending this early, I think someone is going to pick him up...
  • Stunned to learn that there are five parallels of this card.  Electric foil, foilboard, gold foil, members only, and rainbow foil.  Anyone thinking of a Men at Work song right about now??
- Robert

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Felix Potvin card #17 1995-96 Upper Deck Electric Ice #46

  • Not as flashy as the 94-95 Electric Ice insert.  I still like that Upper Deck changed the color of the player's name at the top from bronze to Silver to differentiate the Electric Ice cards. 
  • Doing my part:  was very surprised that this card hadn't been added to the trading card database as of yet.  It is now.  As of this writing, the site was 289 cards short of 1.9 million scanned.
  • I don't recall seeing any of the gold electric ice parallels for this set.  Would love to have one for my Potvin and Sakic collections if anyone sees any cross their path.
  • Career win #17 was the 3rd consecutive win for Felix, a 3-1 win over the Minnesota North Stars, 3/3/93.  Felix stopped 29 of 30 shots, and Dave Andreychuk scored for the 2nd consecutive game.
- Robert

Felix Potvin card #16 1995-96 Upper Deck #48

  • The head shots of Felix on cards will never get old for me.   Never...
  • Bio on the back:  "Potvin has recorded five shutouts in Stanley Cup Playoff competition."  One line, short and sweet.  
  • Career win #16 for Felix was recorded 2/27/92 vs. the LA Kings at the Great Western Forum.  Felix made 25 stops, and Bob Rouse (!) scored one of the Leafs goals in a 5-2 win.
- Robert

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Jim Thome card #206 2000 Black Diamond Rookie Edition #15

  • Started looking through the year 2000 cards for Jim and this card totally confused me.  I looked at the back and saw the stats for 2000 on it and immediately assumed this was a 2001 card.  Had to do a little investigating to find out it was released in 2000.
  • I would have liked to have seen Upper Deck use Jim as card #25 again, just as they did in the 2 previous Black Diamond releases.  Nomar Garciaparra wound up on card #25.
  • Career home run #206 for Jim was hit 5/11/2000 against Jason Rakers and the KC Royals.  It was just overkill by that time, as the Indians were already leading by 10 and went on to shutout the Royals 16-0.   
- Robert

Friday, June 16, 2017

Jim Thome card #205 2000 Black Diamond #25

  • 2nd year in a row that Black Diamond used Jim's uniform number as Jim's card #.  Love it.
  • Don't get the blocks in the background.  Definitely not one of my favorite Black Diamond designs.
  • Bio on the back:  "Thome tied an AL record with six home runs in 10 postseason contests in 1998."   All those 1999 cards I just went through, and not one of them had this stat?
- Robert

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Felix Potvin card #15 1994-95 Upper Deck SP Inserts #SP-80

  • This would be the prelude to the SP sets that Upper Deck would release starting later in the 94-95 season.  
  • For me, it is going to be difficult to not like a Felix Potvin game action photo.  This card is no different.  Just from the stripes on the right hand side of the card it appears that the Leafs were in St. Louis when this photo was taken.
  • Potvin is one collection I'd really like to grow, and quickly.  A lot of his rarer base cards are at a dollar or more.  This card on COMC is somewhat cheap right now at 65 cents.  Any goalie collector knows that their cards can get expensive.  Especially the jersey/auto cards...
 - Robert

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Joe Sakic card #207 1997-98 Pacific Invincable Attack Zone #7

  • Pacific never shied away from loud cards with bold designs, did they?  Even inserts like this Attack Zone card weren't immune to the Pacific paintbrush.
  • One step closer to 2 million:  Surprisingly I was able to add this card to the TCDB.  The site is less than 7000 cards away from 1.9 million added.  
  • Bio on the back:  "Joe scored the game winning goal for Colorado in its 3-2 victory over the Florida Panthers in Game 3 of the 1996 Stanley Cup Finals."  Boy has Florida fallen off since that magical season, however the rats still live on here in south Florida.
- Robert

Monday, June 12, 2017

Brett Lawrie card #62 2014 Donruss Gold Press Proof #352

  • Posted the base card and the silver press proof back at the end of May; not sure why I waited over 2 weeks to add the Gold version to the blog.
  • Serial #'d 22/99.  Got this card very cheaply from COMC, paying just 67 cents for it.  Who says you can't pick up a limited numbered card for your PC for just pennies?
  • Added this card to the Trading Card database site.  The site is closing in on 1.9 million cards scanned to it.
 - Robert

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Andrew McCutchen card #59 2015 Topps Heritage New Age Performers #NAP-10

  • Congratulations to Andrew on reaching the 500 extra base hits milestone yesterday. He's the 8th player to reach that milestone for the Pirates, along side some big names like Stargell, Waner, Clemente and Parker.  
  • Andrew is also just 41 hits away from 1400.   The slow start he had this year means he likely will not hit 1500 this year, unless he gets really hot.
  • The card is not bad, the purplish "New Age"  does remind you a bit of the mid to late 60's, and the double borders on the card aren't bad either.  
- Robert

Joe Sakic card #206 1996-97 Leaf Preferred #37

  • Can't say that I like or dislike the "LP" on the left hand side of the card.   It's not bad, but it's not great either.  The logo would have been better had in been in the lower right corner of the card as well.
  • Photo had to have  been taken during the 96-97 season, since the Coyotes didn't exist until then.  
  • #22 in the background is none other than Hall of Famer Mike Gartner.  Phoenix and the Rangers were the only two clubs where Mike didn't wear his usual #11.  Messier had the 11 in New York, while Dallas Drake wore #11 in Phoenix while Gartner was there.
- Robert

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Felix Potvin card #14 1994-95 Score Select #90

  • One word for this photo.  Incredible.
  • The tear out featuring the photo of Potvin scanned silver, when it's actually gold on the card.  Go figure.  
  • Still haven't figured out why the corner is cut on this card.  May have to look for another copy as the photo on the TCDB shows this card doesn't have a cut corner.  
  • Still need to get around to adding a PC list for Potvin on this blog.   Sooner, rather than later is what I'm hoping.  
- Robert

Friday, June 9, 2017

Jim Thome card #204 1999 Topps Stars #61

  • This is like one of the puzzles you see on the internet:  Tell me how many stars there are on this card?  
  • Maybe Jim should trademark this pose.  Right foot on the heel, left foot on the toes.  I should have started counting the number of cards with this pose when I started this blog.  I'm sure that the percentage would be high...
  • Career home run #204 would come 5/5/2000 vs. Toronto's Lance Painter.  It was with one on in the 7th inning in the SkyDome, and would give the Indians a 10-9 lead.   The Jays would score a run in each of the 8th and 9th innings to win the game 11-10.  
- Robert

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Joe Sakic card #205 1996-97 Bicycle Aces #NNO

  • You don't really see sets like this anymore.  Decks of cards featuring player likenesses were released regularly for a while, but I haven't seen any for a few years.   I may not be looking in the right places though...
  • I'm a lot more observant now.  For some reason, I never noticed the Conn Smythe Winner designation until now in the lower left hand side of the card.  It certainly is big enough, so I guess I'm just more observant now.
  • Thin and flat, this was very difficult to get off the scanner.  
  • The other aces in this set?  Clubs:  Gretzky.  Hearts:  Roy.  Spades:  Lemieux.  Pretty good company indeed.
- Robert

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Andrew McCutchen card #58 2015 Donruss #140

  • Love how the yellow and black in the border matches the team's colors.   Maybe that's why I don't totally dislike Donruss as much as I used to.  Looking at the cards a little closer I'm beginning to notice the subtle nuances (maybe too fancy a word for this blog).
  • Bio on the back:  The back chronicles Andrew falling a few feet short of hitting for the cycle on 7/4/14 against the Phillies.  He just missed the homer, but had 4 hits in a 8-2 win.  I'd love to see Andrew accomplish that feat before too long.
  • Sometimes, I have to look up the prices of cards on COMC just for a laugh.  There are currently 19 copies of this card on there right now, with 47 cents being the cheapest and $1.75 (!) being the most expensive.
  • In contrast, there are 135 copies available on Sportlots with 43 copies priced above the minimum 18 cents.  The most expensive?  35 cents.
- Robert

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Joe Sakic card #204 1996-97 SP Inside Info #IN6

  • One of the most unique cards I've shown of Joe so far.  The C on the right hand side is actually a pull out, providing a smaller version of the card with Joe holding the Stanley Cup, 
  • This card currently books for $10 in Beckett; I don't remember how much I paid when I bought this, but I doubt it was that much.
  • I've but less than a handful of cards from the 96-97 season left to show for Sakic.  The 97-98 season begins the craziness that comes with all the parallels in various products such as Black Diamond, Paramount and Omega.  Good times...
- Robert

Monday, June 5, 2017

Joe Sakic card #203 1996-97 Pinnacle McDonald's Ice Breakers #McD10

  • I did not think that this card would scan well at all.  It didn't scan badly, but the 3D effect distorts the players in the background, diminishing the quality of this card.
  • Interesting that on the back of the card, the English portion says Ice Breakers, while the French version translates to Star Players.  I guess that the old "same, only different" line applies here.
  • This was part of a 40 card set released by McDonald's in Canada.  According to the TCDB, cards 21-31 were short printed.  Good thing the SPs were a bunch of no names such as Lemieux, Jagr, Roy and Messier.  Hate to see if there were any stars in the SPs how much they would go for...
 - Robert

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Jim Thome card #203 1999 SPx Power Explosion #PE11

  • Standard swing from the heels pose on another Thome card.  Looks like the shin guard is a little higher up the leg now, towards the knee.
  • Bio on the back:  The back goes over his milestone home runs.  1st was versus the Yankees 10/4/91, 100th vs. the Rangers 5/14/97, and the 30th of 98 was hit against the Twins.  
  • 3 copies on COMC right now, 1 at $1.24 (always love the prices that end in 4 or 9) and 2 copies at $2.50.  Have a feeling that the higher priced copies may sit there for a bit.
- Robert

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Brett Lawrie card #61 2014 Bowman Red Ice #178

  • I don't know what possessed me to spend money to chase this card; I'm guessing it was the chance to own a limited copy of the card.
  • For a card limited to just 25 copies, I spent $3.25 to have this card in my collection.   I'm pretty cheap so to spend over 3 bucks on one card, there had to have been a really good reason.
  •  I do like the red ice look though, it looks as though you're on a 70's acid trip.
  • Added this card as well to the trading card database, it is serial #'d 18/25.  
- Robert

Brett Lawrie card #60 2014 Bowman blue parallel #178

  • Serial #'d 113/500.  Copies of this card are available right now on COMC for as low as 50 cents.  Limited runs aren't worth what they used to be...
  • Added this card to the trading card database.  I was a little surprised the other day when I found out it wasn't there.
  • The blue border is really sharp, a little bit darker and it would have complemented the Jays uniform really well.  
  • I criticized the photos of Lawrie in this morning's post, but catching the ball in mid-flight and having it at the very top of the card was very good indeed.
- Robert

Brett Lawrie card #59 2014 Bowman #178

  • This is the base version of the 3 Bowman cards I'm going to show today of Brett.  I like the design, but companies have to figure out how to get other types of photos into the mix.  Too many of Brett's cards feature him throwing.
  • Bio on the back:  "Sister played softball at University of Washington"  Danielle Lawrie was part of the '09 women's softball national championship team for UW.
  • I only found out today that Brett had another sister, Nicole, that passed away when she was only 5 years old.  
- Robert

Friday, June 2, 2017

Felix Potvin card #13 1994-95 Stadium Club #185

  • It's almost impossible to take a bad picture of a goalie, isn't it?  It's even harder to screw up when the photo is just the mask.
  • Love the concept of this card, the back of the card details the 3 shutouts that Felix had in the 93-94 season, noting the dates and a quick highlight from each game.
  • There are a ton of 94-95 cards of Felix on COMC, but not one copy of this card is available.  Surprising.  
  • I really am wanting to add a good chunk of cards to the Potvin collection.  Maybe as this year progresses I'll do just that...
- Robert

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Jim Thome card #202 1999 Fleer Sports Illustrated #78

  • Thumbs up baby!  One thing I love about a lot of Thome cards is the natural poses he is captured in.  
  • No bio on the back, just stats and the usual height/weight/age stuff.  Fleer had enough room to add a line or two, anything at all, but chose not to.  Disappointing.
  • Not cheap:  6 copies of this card are on COMC currently, all priced at $1.  All from the same seller.  They might sit there a while....
- Robert

Monday, May 29, 2017

Joe Sakic card #202 1996-97 SPx #9

  • I was worried when I pulled the card out of the binder about how well it would scan.  Let's just say I was quite pleased when I saw the hologram portion as clear as a bell on the scanned image!
  • I was never a big collector of SPx sets over the years.  I could probably count on one hand the number of packs I bought, but buying singles was never a problem.   For the most part they have been really nice cards and great additions to my PCs.
  • Career goal #202 for Joe came 12/29/93 against the Islanders.  It was the first of 2 goals for Joe on the night, an unassisted goal that tied the game at 3.  The Nords would score 2 more in the 3rd period for a 5-3 win.  Ron Hextall was the goalie for the Islanders on that night.
- Robert

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Brett Lawrie card #58 2014 Donruss Silver Press Proof #352

  • The first of two "press proof" parallels for Lawrie.  I'll show the Gold version next.  
  • The only differences are the press proof stamp along with the serial #.  The card stock is a little more glossy as well.  
  • I've already added this card to the trading card database.  Actually, 3 of the next 4 Lawrie cards I'll be able to add.  Would love to see the site hit 2,000,000 cards scanned before too long.
- Robert

Brett Lawrie card #57 2014 Donruss #352

  • Not a bad effort design wise from Panini.  I do know that Toronto has never used that style of number on their jersey's, so I wonder if the double lined #'s that Toronto uses are also trademarked.
  • Panini made 4 parallels of this card, 2 of which I have and will be showing next.   Gotta make that money somehow, right?
  • Saw a couple of videos on Brett's twitter account showing him still doing some tough workouts, hoping that someone will give him another shot.   I hope he does get another shot...
- Robert

Friday, May 26, 2017

Andrew McCutchen card #57 2015 Topps Gypsy Queen #34

  • I really don't mind this GQ design.  I prefer it much more than the 2017 version.  
  • It almost looks like Cutch has a measuring tape in his back pocket.  The photo is also missing his trademark armband with the cross on it.  
  • Bio on the back:  "Finishing five points short of the 2014 NL batting title at .314, McCutchen topped two other percentage categories--OBP at .410 and OPS at .952."  A damn good season if I do say so...
- Robert

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Andrew McCutchen card #56 2015 Topps Heritage #300

  • Cartoon on the back:  the Night Owl has been big lately on the cartoons on the back, and I can see why he appreciates them.  This card's cartoon back describes Andrew's inside the park home run vs. the Phillies on 9/10/14.
  • I never cared a great deal for the '66 set, so this Heritage set was an easy one to pass by.  
  • Home run #56 for Andrew was the 2nd of the game off of Jordan Zimmermann of the Nationals, 5/17/12.  Both of the homers were solo shots and helped the Pirates to a 5-3 win.
- Robert

Monday, May 22, 2017

Joe Sakic card #201 1996-97 Leaf Preferred Steel Power #1

  • Pretty sharp looking card, love the lightning bolts which are actually die cut and not just foil on the card.  It's a little hard to see, but the lower right hand corner commemorates his 51 goals from the previous season.  
  • Card is serial #'d 2355/2500 which back then was somewhat limited.  Now for a lot of sets, that's more of a base parallel (a la Topps Gold parallels).
  • Bio on the back:  Joe got off to a great start in the 95-96 season, winning Player of the Week honors for the week ending 10/21/96.  That included a 6 point effort against the Oilers (1G, 5A).
- Robert

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Jim Thome card #201 1999 Fleer Ultra RBI Kings #11

  • I don't remember a whole lot of inserts from the Ultra brand over the years.  I was strictly a gold medallion chaser when I did chase Ultra cards.  
  • Having said that, this RBI Kings insert is not all that bad.  Reminds me of a tie-dyed T-shirt from the 60's.
  • Good company:  the back of the card describes Jim's 96 & 97 seasons with 35+HR and 100+RBI's being the first back-to-back from an AL left handed hitter since the great Carl Yastrzemski in '69& '70.
- Robert

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Andrew McCutchen card #55 2015 Topps Opening Day blue #66

  • I like that you're able to tell that the card is the blue parallel without the blue taking over the card.  
  • Another card added to the Trading Card Database.  Trying to do my part to get the site to 2 million images (just over 132,000 to go).
  • I was surprised that there wasn't any of these for sale on COMC when I looked earlier today.  Don't look on ebay either, because I didn't find any there.  Can't be that limited, can they?
- Robert

Andrew McCutchen card #54 2015 Topps Opening Day #66

  • This picture is OK,  but the on deck variation of this card is something that I'd love to get a hold of.  Has a great shot of the Pittsburgh skyline and the right field bleachers of PNC Park in the background.
  • Have the blue parallel of this card (which I'll show later today), but would also like to have the black and purple versions as well.
  • 66 copies of this card on Sportlots right now, all but 5 of them priced at 18 cents.  One seller has his priced at COMC levels (38 cents).  
- Robert

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Brett Lawrie card #56 2014 Topps Heritage #38

  • It's a bird, it's a plane!!  OK, we're not exactly sure what Brett happens to be looking at while this photo was taken.  
  • Full stats on the back:  Love what Heritage did here; to me it's interesting to read about the journey that Brett took before hitting the majors full time.  Brett tore up the PCL in 2011, hitting .353 with 103 hits in just 69 games before being called up to the Jays.  48 of those 103 hits were for extra bases, including 18 round trippers.
  • About as common as commons get:  as a follow up to the earlier post from today, there are 196 copies of this card available on Sportlots.  Just one seller has his priced at more than the minimum 18 cents.  His 2 copies will be on hand for a long time at 30 cents.
- Robert

Brett Lawrie card #55 2014 Topps #448

  • The Lawrie jersey I own is the same dark blue that is featured in this photo.  I prefer it before any of the other variations that the Jays wear.
  • Even though this is the same old throwing pose that is used on several of Lawrie's cards, this one actually captures the ball in the top of the frame, which is rarely seen on Brett's cards.  I like it.
  • There are 175 copies of this card currently on Sportlots, 11 of which are priced above the 18 cent minimum.  1 of them is at 50 cents.  I hope that seller is willing to sit on the card (and probably most of his inventory) for a long time.
- Robert

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Brett Lawrie card #54 2014 Topps Gypsy Queen black mini #176

  • I think I picked this card up for around $3, and I remember being very happy about getting it for that cheap at the time.  
  • Serial #'d 29/199, this is another card I was able to add to the Trading Card database.  
  • The one big thing that really detracts me from getting a lot more of Brett's cards is the same throwing pose that is used repeatedly.  Would have loved to see companies use something different for the base cards for Brett.
- Robert

Brett Lawrie card #53 2013 Topps Chasing the Dream #CD-24

  • Not sure if Brett is still chasing the dream, as he is still without a contract.  At 27, he's still young enough to get a few more years in the bigs should the right situation present itself.
  • I've missed about 4 days this month, so I'm going to try and get some 2 a day posts in to try and catch up.  I'm also trying to push forward and get my entire Lawrie and McCutchen PC's posted so I can concentrate on Sakic, Thome and Potvin.
  • Not a bad design on the card, I especially like it because the Jays had switched back to the old style logo.  I never was a huge fan of the logo from the early 2000s, it just never sat right with me.
- Robert

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Andrew McCutchen card #53 2014 Panini #202

  • Scanned just like a refractor would scan, with that yellowish gold border.  Looks great!
  • Bio on the back:  "...,besting the Arizona first baseman by snagging 28 of 30 first place votes."  The other two first place votes didn't go to Paul Goldschmidt, who finished 2nd in the voting.  They went to Yadier Molina, who finished 3rd.
  • This was another card I managed to find at the monthly card show on the weekend.  Only today did I find out that it is a SP card from the 2014 set.  The common SPs run about $3, so getting this for $1.67 (3 for 5 bucks box) was a fairly good deal.
- Robert

Monday, May 15, 2017

Andrew McCutchen card #52 2014 Topps Chrome Orange Refractor #105

  • Convenience > Price:  Bought this at the monthly card show this past week out of a 3/$5 box.  Lowest card right now is 74 cents on COMC, but seeing this at the show and knowing I needed it for the Cutch PC won out.
  • Also was able to add this card to the Trading Card Database.  Having luck with a few of Andrew's cards, which is surprising.  
  • May have to chase down the Blue and Purple variations, which are a little more pricey but the look of them will win out in the end.
- Robert

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Andrew McCutchen card #51 2015 Bowman Silver #115

  • The silver foil on the logo and Andrew's name scanned out very black.  But I guess that's how Bowman justified the silver designation for this parallel.
  • One thing I noticed once I had this card on screen is Andrew's helmet.  Don't know if that is pine tar or some other kind of gripping element on the right side, but it looks very yellowish/gold, which would be appropriate for the team's color scheme.
  • Card is serial #'d 47/499.  There are several other colors for this Bowman rainbow, but realistically I'd like to have the Purple (/250), Blue (/150) and Green (/99).  
  • I was also surprised that this wasn't already added to the Trading Card Database.   That situation has been rectified.
- Robert

Friday, May 12, 2017

Andrew McCutchen card #50 2015 Bowman #115

  • One of my favorite Bowman designs, clean, nothing fancy.  Even the parallels look really nice (have the silver border coming up next for Cutch).
  • Bio on the back:  Led NL in OBP and OPS (.952) in 2014.  How the mighty have fallen over the past couple of years.   Still hoping that Andrew turns it around this year.
  • One of the cheapest cards for McCutchen on COMC right now.  The lowest price on this card is just 37 cents.  Spring cleaning on the site I'm sure is helping that right now.
- Robert

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Brett Lawrie card #52 2013 Topps MLB Sticker #40

  • Don't have very many stickers at all for my PC's, so it's a nice change to be able to show off something a little different.
  • Love the photo on this sticker, you can actually see the dirt flying in the air on the left hand side.
  • Nothing on the back save for the various licensing statements.  Not much you really can put back there with the smaller size anyhow.
  • Back also doesn't really need to have anything on it if you're going to peel and stick into the book as it's intended.
- Robert

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Andrew McCutchen card #49 2015 Topps Update #US100

  • Pretty cool shot of then rivals McCutchen and Todd Frazier high fiving each other at the ASG.  It was sad that the Reds tore down most of their team; it was a pretty good rivalry going for a few years between the Reds and Bucs.
  • Bio on the back details how McCutchen was actually a replacement for the injured Giancarlo Stanton in the '15 ASG, garnering Cutch his 5th straight all star appearance.  Sadly, it appears that this is going to be the 2nd season in a row that Cutch won't be going, unless he turns things around quick.
  • In his 5 ASG's, Andrew is 3 for 11 with a solo home run to his credit.  The HR was off of Tampa's Chris Archer.
- Robert

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Joe Sakic card #200 2014-15 Upper Deck Game Jersey #GJ-JS

  • Similar to yesterday's Jim Thome bat card, I wanted to show something jersey related for Sakic's 200th card.  I know that the jersey swatch is white but...
  • I love this card for the simple fact that Joe is wearing the black team Canada jersey, which became an instant favorite for me.  One day I'd love to have one with Sakic and #91 on the back.
  • There are a pair of these cards on COMC right now, one with a black swatch, the other with a red one, both priced at $7.25.  A reasonable price indeed for Sakic jersey cards, although I believe I paid right around $5 for my copy.  
- Robert

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Jim Thome card #200 2001 SP Game Bat Milestone Edition #M-JT

  • As this as the bat piece is on this card, I'm sure that UD must have been able to make thousands of these cards from just one bat.  I may have had a splinter or two back in the day bigger than this. 
  • Never the less, I like that they "burned" the Indians logo into the bat piece.
  • The good and bad of the game that is mentioned on the front.   The good is Jim hit both homers off of Roger Clemens.   The bad is the Indians lost 9-4 to the Yankees.
  • I still have a few more Thome bat & jersey cards to show.  I'm thinking of showing them every 50 cards to mix them in.
- Robert

Friday, May 5, 2017

Andrew McCutchen card #48 2014 Topps Chrome #105

  • It amazes me how a silver foil card once scanned turns black.  Never will I understand how that happens.   At least with the Pirates color scheme, the card looks that much better.  
  • No arm band on Cutch's right arm with the cross.  Wonder if that was airbrushed out by Topps.
  • It's surprising how cheap this card is on COMC right now.  For as little as 41 cents, this card can be yours.  The refractor version is even cheaper at 40 cents.   Hmmm, wonder if I need the refractor...
- Robert

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Andrew McCutchen card #47 2014 Topps Chrome Chrome Connections die cut #CC-AM

  • Was shocked to find that this card hadn't been added to the Trading Card Database.  That has been taken care of...
  • Love how this scanned.  I've had a lot of luck the past couple of weeks with Chrome cards scanning really well for me.  Not sure what I'm doing differently.
  • The connection that Topps does on this card are the 20HR/20SB seasons that Cutch and Barry Bonds attained.  Bonds had 4 of those as a Pirate, while Andrew is stuck at 3 because he failed to hit 20 steals each of the past 2 years.
- Robert

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Joe Sakic card #199 1996-97 Flair #21

  • I was kind of worried how this card would scan when I saw the kind of grainy background.  Amazed that it scanned as well as it did, even Joe's name and the Flair All-Star at the top are visible.
  • Back is unfortunately kind of plain, just career stats and your standard height/weight birthplace info.  Had plenty of room on the bottom for a couple of write up lines.  Oh well.
  • Kind of a tight range on the 11 copies currently for sale on COMC, ranging from $1 to $1.75.  The blue ice version (which I need) has just 1 copy at $24.25.  A little extreme if you ask me, even if it is only 250 copies total.
- Robert

Monday, May 1, 2017

Jim Thome card #199 1999 Topps Finest #268

  • This shall forever remain in its protective coating.  One bad experience has killed my curiosity for life.
  • Bio on the back:  "Thome calls himself a very simple, very average guy."  Probably one of the big reasons that I collect him.  Nothing flashy, just a steady career with 600+ home runs as part of a few very potent hitting teams.
  • Checked out prices on COMC, relatively cheap for the base version of this card, ranging anywhere from 55 cents to $1.50.  Refractor, well the only copy of this refractor will set you back almost $6.
  • Looking forward to spring cleaning on COMC, hoping to add some good cards to my Thome and Sakic collections on the cheap.
- Robert