Thursday, June 22, 2017

Andrew McCutchen card #61 2014 Topps Red #150

  • Part of a recent Sportlots order, it was nice and cheap at just a quarter.  Going to have to try and pad the McCutchen PC through Sportlots instead of COMC.   Save too much not to justify doing it that way.
  • Notice on the trading card database that they don't reference this red as the Target red parallel.  Same with the Wal Mart blue.   Maybe that just the way I refer to them...
  • Now that McCutchen is hot the trade rumors have started up again.  The division is so close right now that one really good run will have them near the top of the NL Central.  Maybe that's just not enough anymore as far as management is concerned in Steel Town.
- Robert

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Joe Sakic card #208 1996-97 Donruss Canadian Ice #78

  • Easy to tell that this photo was taken during the 96-97 season.  In the foreground is Dave Reid, whose first season in Dallas was 96-97.
  • Donruss Canadian Ice was a small 150 card set.  There were two different types of Press Proofs, Gold and Red.  I don't have either of those.  
  • There is also an O Canada insert as well, limited to 2000 copies.  There are 2 available right now on COMC, both priced near $8.  Maybe some day...
- Robert

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Andrew McCutchen card #60 2015 Topps Museum Collection #78

  • Never have, and probably never will bust open a pack of Museum Collection.  At $270 for a 4 pack box (ebay auction), it's certainly out of my price range.
  • I don't know what to say about the design, it kind of reminds me of something I would see on an architectural drawing.  
  • Amazingly there's only two colors of parallels, copper and green.  The green is serial #'d to 199.  
  • Also surprising is the low cost of these on COMC.  The cheapest copy of this card is just 80 cents.  For as much as the packs cost, you'd think singles would still go for at least a couple of bucks.
- Robert

Monday, June 19, 2017

Brett Lawrie card #63 2014 Stadium Club # 192

  • I've mentioned before that it's been kind of tiring to see the repeated pictures of Lawrie in a throwing motion.  Stadium Club just does it a little better for some reason.  I don't mind this shot as much.  
  • Lawrie is always a warrior when he plays.  The eye black shows it on this card.  Can't see his career ending this early, I think someone is going to pick him up...
  • Stunned to learn that there are five parallels of this card.  Electric foil, foilboard, gold foil, members only, and rainbow foil.  Anyone thinking of a Men at Work song right about now??
- Robert

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Felix Potvin card #17 1995-96 Upper Deck Electric Ice #46

  • Not as flashy as the 94-95 Electric Ice insert.  I still like that Upper Deck changed the color of the player's name at the top from bronze to Silver to differentiate the Electric Ice cards. 
  • Doing my part:  was very surprised that this card hadn't been added to the trading card database as of yet.  It is now.  As of this writing, the site was 289 cards short of 1.9 million scanned.
  • I don't recall seeing any of the gold electric ice parallels for this set.  Would love to have one for my Potvin and Sakic collections if anyone sees any cross their path.
  • Career win #17 was the 3rd consecutive win for Felix, a 3-1 win over the Minnesota North Stars, 3/3/93.  Felix stopped 29 of 30 shots, and Dave Andreychuk scored for the 2nd consecutive game.
- Robert

Felix Potvin card #16 1995-96 Upper Deck #48

  • The head shots of Felix on cards will never get old for me.   Never...
  • Bio on the back:  "Potvin has recorded five shutouts in Stanley Cup Playoff competition."  One line, short and sweet.  
  • Career win #16 for Felix was recorded 2/27/92 vs. the LA Kings at the Great Western Forum.  Felix made 25 stops, and Bob Rouse (!) scored one of the Leafs goals in a 5-2 win.
- Robert

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Jim Thome card #206 2000 Black Diamond Rookie Edition #15

  • Started looking through the year 2000 cards for Jim and this card totally confused me.  I looked at the back and saw the stats for 2000 on it and immediately assumed this was a 2001 card.  Had to do a little investigating to find out it was released in 2000.
  • I would have liked to have seen Upper Deck use Jim as card #25 again, just as they did in the 2 previous Black Diamond releases.  Nomar Garciaparra wound up on card #25.
  • Career home run #206 for Jim was hit 5/11/2000 against Jason Rakers and the KC Royals.  It was just overkill by that time, as the Indians were already leading by 10 and went on to shutout the Royals 16-0.   
- Robert

Friday, June 16, 2017

Jim Thome card #205 2000 Black Diamond #25

  • 2nd year in a row that Black Diamond used Jim's uniform number as Jim's card #.  Love it.
  • Don't get the blocks in the background.  Definitely not one of my favorite Black Diamond designs.
  • Bio on the back:  "Thome tied an AL record with six home runs in 10 postseason contests in 1998."   All those 1999 cards I just went through, and not one of them had this stat?
- Robert

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Felix Potvin card #15 1994-95 Upper Deck SP Inserts #SP-80

  • This would be the prelude to the SP sets that Upper Deck would release starting later in the 94-95 season.  
  • For me, it is going to be difficult to not like a Felix Potvin game action photo.  This card is no different.  Just from the stripes on the right hand side of the card it appears that the Leafs were in St. Louis when this photo was taken.
  • Potvin is one collection I'd really like to grow, and quickly.  A lot of his rarer base cards are at a dollar or more.  This card on COMC is somewhat cheap right now at 65 cents.  Any goalie collector knows that their cards can get expensive.  Especially the jersey/auto cards...
 - Robert

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Joe Sakic card #207 1997-98 Pacific Invincable Attack Zone #7

  • Pacific never shied away from loud cards with bold designs, did they?  Even inserts like this Attack Zone card weren't immune to the Pacific paintbrush.
  • One step closer to 2 million:  Surprisingly I was able to add this card to the TCDB.  The site is less than 7000 cards away from 1.9 million added.  
  • Bio on the back:  "Joe scored the game winning goal for Colorado in its 3-2 victory over the Florida Panthers in Game 3 of the 1996 Stanley Cup Finals."  Boy has Florida fallen off since that magical season, however the rats still live on here in south Florida.
- Robert