Thursday, September 23, 2021

Andrew McCutchen card #122 2010 Topps Attax NNO


  • Found a whole bunch of these Topps Attax cards in one of my trade boxes.   These are kind of fun.
  • Been almost 11 years now since the code on the front expired.
  • Good to see Andrew healthy for most of the season (131 G played as of this writing).  Sad to see the average in the 220s.  Not the Andrew we all remember for sure...

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Jim Thome card #296 1992 Score Impact Players #36


  • Noticeable on this card?  Jim much thinner as a 3rd baseman than when he moved over to 1st base.
  • Collection for Jim is up to 639 cards now.  Still about 200 behind my Sakic collection
  • Ranked 2nd on the TCDB website among Thome collectors.  I'm about 1500 behind the leader and likely never to catch them.   No worries   

Monday, September 20, 2021

T.Y. Hilton card #1 2012 Leaf Draft # 46


  • First card of Hilton to be featured on the blog.  I've started collecting him since the last time I was writing regularly here at the beginning of 2019.
  • Just 79 cards added to this collection so far.  His cards don't come in as fast via trades as my other player collections do.
  • Full name is Eugene Marquis Hilton.  Will have to find out one day where the "T.Y." moniker came from.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Andrew McCutchen card #121 2009 Topps Ticket to Stardom #75


  • If I had waited 8 more days, we would have hit the 1000 day mark between posts.  Feels good to get started on this blog again
  • Card #120 for McCutchen on the blog, I have 294 listed on the TCDB website on this collection.  Lots of writing material
  • That is one baggy uniform; that and the photo make it somewhat difficult to tell that it's Cutch making solid connection with the ball.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Joe Sakic card #312 1998-99 Topps Gold Label Class 1 #65

  • If there is one set I'd love to see come back for hockey, it's this one.  Love the dual photo on the front, the cards aren't flimsy and look great when scanned.  
  • Need quite a few of the different classes and colors for Joe.  Only have the Class 1 base from this set.  Finding the red parallels are difficult, and expensive.
  • A black Class 1 card is on auction right now for just under $11 on ebay, not bad at all.  There's a class 2 base on COMC for $5.42 and a class 3 base for $14.04.  For as little as you see them up for sale, these aren't bad prices.
- Robert

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Larry Fitzgerald card #15 2005 Donruss Elite Elite Teams #ET-1

  • Anything featuring Fitzgerald and a big shot of the Cardinals logo (especially with the dark red) will be a big weakness of mine.  
  • Serial #'d 150/1000.  I've had quite a lot of luck picking up serial #'d cards of Larry for less than a buck, many of them around 50 cents.
  • Everyone talks about Fitz being a lock for the HOF, but how about Anquan Boldin?  100+ catches 2x, 80+ catches in 5 other seasons.  13,779 career yards, Super Bowl ring with the Ravens in 2012.  My lasting impression of Anquan will be that he was a tough WR to defend against, very physical.
- Robert

Monday, January 7, 2019

Larry Fitzgerald card #14: 2004 Upper Deck Rookie Premiere #5

  • Good to see that all those photos at the rookie shoot didn't go to waste; 6 photos on the front of the card!!
  • Someone forgot to tell Larry that he could keep his eyes open on this shot.   No need to prepare to get hit by a defender here.
  • 29 copies of this card currently on COMC.  Cheapest card is $3.50, most expensive is $5.25.  This tells me one thing; I'm pretty sure that Wes sent me this card.  Thanks Wes!

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Larry Fitzgerald card #13 2004 Upper Deck Rookie Prospects #RP-LF

  • Been a while since I wrote a post on here, and I've been on a bit of a Fitzgerald binge lately, so why not get started writing again with a Fitz card?
  • Bio on the back:  Formed a trio with Anquan Boldin and Bryant Johnson in his rookie season to give the Cardinals a solid group of WR's.  
  • I'll be approaching 250 cards of Fitz when my next COMC order comes in.   Yes, I am working on quite a few sets as well but I figure I'm going to try and get as many of Fitzgerald's cards on the cheap before he retires then hits the HOF.
- Robert

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Joe Sakic card #311 1998-99 Crown Royale Pivotal Players #5

  • Post #888 on this blog tonight, so I decided to go with the player that made me start this up.  
  • Love this  card, it's hard to believe that it's a Pacific design.  Especially for Crown Royale, which is usually one of Pacific's flashier products.
  • Market watch:  6 copies of this card currently on COMC, ranging from 63 cents to $1.10.  Maybe it's because this post is happening during the COMC summer sale, but this is surprisingly cheap for a Crown Royale card.
  • Career goal #311 came 10/15/97 vs. the Oilers.  It was the Avs 5th goal of the game, scored on the PP and helped them to a 6-2 win.  This kept their unbeaten streak going to 7 games at the start of the 97-98 season.  Curtis Joseph was in the nets for the Oilers that night.
- Robert

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Andrew McCutchen card #120 2018 Donruss Teal parallel #159

  • Once again I've caught up; all the McCutchen cards that I have for my collection have been posted to the blog.
  • Love the teal parallels, this one is serial #'d 14/199.
  • Market Watch:  Just one copy of this version on sale right now, listed at 95 cents (52% off for the summer sale).  If I didn't have one already I'd jump on that price.  There's a copy on ebay right now that's showing a BIN of $6.95. 
  • Still have yet to get a McCutchen card featuring him in a Giants uniform.  Maybe down the road I'll hunt for one of those.
- Robert