Monday, July 30, 2018

Larry Fitzgerald card #12 2004 Topps Draft Picks & Prospects #140

  • There are 6 players from the first round of the 2004 draft class still playing in the NFL.  Fitz is one, see if you can name the other 5.
  • 66 catches for Larry this year will give him 1300 for his career.  Only Jerry Rice and Tony Gonzalez have hit that milestone.  
  • Market Watch:  5 copies currently on COMC, all within a dollar of each other, which is surprising.  $4.05 to $4.99 is the range, which again is very affordable for a sure fire HOF candidate.
  • Love the look on Larry's face in this photo.  I'm sure he had it on many a catch at Pitt, almost willing the QB to get him the ball as he was behind another defender.
- Robert

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Andrew McCutchen card #118 2018 Donruss Holo Blue #159

  • Just watched a two jumbo box break with Colbey on twitter featuring the 2016 Optic product.  Saw a few Cutch cards come out there...
  • Originally thought the border was purple.  Eyes are playing tricks on me.
  • Market Watch:  3 copies currently on COMC, ranging from 84 cents to $1.10.  Not bad.
  • August is coming, time for Andrew to get hot.   Would love to see him go on a run and get his 1600th career hit before the 31st of August.  He needs 41.
- Robert

Friday, July 27, 2018

Joe Sakic card #310 1998-99 Pacific Aurora Championship Fever #13

  • I will say this.  I'm really happy with the new scanner.  I love how this card scanned.  The gold doesn't look terrible like it usually does.  
  • I always get Aurora and Omega confused.  Don't know why, just do.
  • There are 2 parallels that I need, red and silver (#'d to 250)
  • Market Watch:  5 copies of this card currently on COMC, between 70 and 99 cents.  That's pretty good if you ask me...
  • There's a Cel Fusions insert from this release that I still need.  1 listed at $5.  The other listed at $10.  Don't need it that bad.
- Robert

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Ichiro card #40 2008 Topps Trading card history #TCH24

  • Would love to know what the front of the card says.  I have a hard enough time reading English lately, let alone Japanese.
  • That being said, I think the red background really is a nice contrast to the Mariners blue.
  • Believe it or not.  This is the first card from the 2008 Topps base set to be posted on the blog.  
  • Market Watch:  A whopping 32 copies of this card on COMC right now, priced from 65 cents to $5.25 (wishful thinking).  I could see $1 for this card being very reasonable.
  • Career game #40 is Ichiro's 6th straight multi hit game, a 3 for 5 performance in a 5-1 win over the White Sox.  During the 6 multi hit game streak, Ichiro is 16 for 29 (.552) and has seen his season average climb from .338 to .371.  Oh, and the win is the 8th straight for the M's who see their season record climb to 31-9.
- Robert

Monday, July 23, 2018

Jim Thome card #295 2002 Donruss Originals #180

  • This is the 2nd of 3 Donruss Originals from 2002 that feature Jim.  I really like the "swoosh" design (well that's what it reminds me of anyhow), and have a couple of others in PCs that are similar to this.
  • Bio on the back:  Thome went deep in seven straight games from June 25 through July 3rd to come within one game of matching a major league record shared by three players.
  • Market Watch:  One copy of this card on COMC right now, priced at $2.50.  I have no idea what packs went for back in 2002, but I'm guessing that this is kind of pricey.
  • Career homer #295 was the 2nd of the game for Jim on 5/30/02 against the Tigers.  Jose Lima was the victim this time, a 3 run shot that put the game out of reach.  The Tribe won 11-7, making a winner of reliever David Riske, who struck out the side in the 6th.
- Robert

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Larry Fitzgerald card #11 2004 Topps #360

  • Textbook catch, even if it's during a photo shoot.  Clearly Larry is looking the ball into his hands.
  • The card # on the back is almost impossible to read.  It's in a small gray box in the upper left corner with white numbers.   Had to get the magnifying glass with the light to read it.
  • Market watch:  Kind of surprised that there were only 2 copies on COMC.  One at $3.25, the other at $7.  
  • Career catch #11 was his first catch that didn't gain any yardage.  It was the last play of the first quarter against the Falcons in week 3 of 2004.   Brutal game as the Falcons won 6-3.
- Robert

Friday, July 20, 2018

Brett Lawrie card #78 2012 Topps Gold #462

  • Sheer accident.  Happened upon this card at a 5/$1 table at last weekend's card show.  That's always the way; when you're not looking for something it pops up.
  • Serial # 272/2012.  Was surprised to see that I don't have this card or its base card posted at all.
  • Market Watch:  4 copies currently on COMC, 3 of them at the $1.74/$1.75 level, for me that's about right.  Priciest copy is $3.99 which is a little high, but not outrageous.
  • Still can't believe it's been two years out of baseball already for Brett.  Still only 28, would love to see him get another chance.
- Robert

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Joe Sakic card #309 1998-99 Be A Player Playoff Highlights #H-10

  • Say goodbye:  Hoping that this is the last scan with my current scanner as a new one from Amazon is on its way (due tomorrow)
  • This is a very nice card; I couldn't tell you how long I've had it, but pulling it out of the binder today made me really appreciate it.  The die-cut Stanley Cup is fantastic.
  • Market Watch:  Interesting to say the least.  3 copies total currently on COMC.  1 at $1.74, 1 at $1.89 (both reasonable, if not a bit underpriced).  The 3rd is at $8.25, which compared to the other 2 is overpriced.  But without a price guide listing for BAP, can't say for sure.
  • Career goal #309 was scored 10/9/97 vs. the San Jose Sharks.  The goal led off the game and would help the Avs to a 3-2 win, bringing their record to 4-0-1 to start the season.  Mike Vernon was the victim that night.
 - Robert

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Mats Sundin card #3 1990-91 Upper Deck #365

  • For me, this is the Cadillac of Mats Sundin rookie cards.  It's one of the few cards from the 90-91 UD set that I actually have the card # memorized.
  • The photo reminds me of just how big hockey was for Quebec City; having the provincial flag next to the team flag tells me how deeply rooted the team was.  Until the $$ started getting out of control.
  • Market Watch:  This might be the card that ends up with the most copies on COMC in the market watch portion of my blog posts.  There are 189 copies right now on the site, ranging from 64 cents to $2.25.  I'm sure that there's probably thousands more out there somewhere.
  • Goal #3 came on 10/18/90 vs. the Flyers in the Spectrum.  It wasn't enough for the Nords as they lost 5-4.  Ken Wregget was the goalie for the Flyers that night.
- Robert

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

John Olerud card #1 1990 Bowman #510

  • 1 of 4 Rookie Cards that I own of John Olerud.  My collection of Olerud is around 40 cards right now, and John will probably be one of those players that I find on the sly, instead of actively hunting for each card of his.
  • Bowman:  simple, not flashy.  Perfect for the RC bargain hunter.
  • Market Watch:  15 copies currently on COMC, cheapest at 58 cents, most expensive at $1.25.  If Olerud started his career a few years earlier or later, these prices would be a steal.
  • Game #1:  John first at bat came in the 9th inning on 9/3/89 against the Minnesota Twins.   John hit an infield single off of German Gonzalez and scored his first career run.  It wasn't enough as the Jays lost to the Twins 9-4.
- Robert

Monday, July 16, 2018

Larry Fitzgerald card #10 2004 Score #373

  • Great shot of Larry concentrating as the ball heads right for his hands.  No doubt taken at one of those Rookie premiere photo shoots.
  • Bio on the back:  Dennis Green, coach of the Vikings relayed a story that a ball boy for the club will become a superstar in the NFL.  5 years later, Fitzgerald is drafted in the 1st round by the Cardinals.
  • Market Watch:  Only one copy of this card on COMC right now.  It is graded a PSA 8, and listed for $20.  
  • Career catch #10 was in his 3rd NFL game, played against the Atlanta Falcons.  It went for 6 yards and was his 6th straight catch below 10 yards.  
- Robert

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Keith Tkachuk card #1 1992-93 Pinnacle #222

  • Disappointed that I can't find a Tkachuk 91-92 UD RC to start this PC off with, but this isn't too bad as a replacement.
  • It's interesting that I just noticed that my 3 hockey PC's that aren't a goalie (Sakic, Sundin and Tkachuk) all scored 500 or more goals in the NHL.  With that kind of pedigree, I needn't grouse about how much I have to pay for their cards.
  • Market Watch:  7 copies currently on COMC, ranging from 90 cents to $1.24.  I'm glad that I've had this card for a couple of decades.
  • Goal #1 came in Keith's 5th career game, on the road against the Minnesota North Stars.  It was a PPG, but wasn't enough as the Jets lost to the North Stars 4-2.  Darcy Wakaluk was the first victim.
 - Robert

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Jim Thome card #294 2002 Donruss Originals #94

  • Was worried when I opened the binder and saw '82, '84 and '86 versions of Thome.  Thought there might be more.  Aside from Aqueous parallels, I'm happy.
  • Bio on the back:  Became the Tribe's all-time career home run leader against the Tigers on May 29, 2001 with his 243rd moon shot.   Jim passed Albert Belle for the franchise record.
  • Market Watch:  2 copies on COMC, one at 99 cents and the other at $1.25.  Not bad.  The copies I've seen on ebay are 99 cents for the most part as well.
  • Career home run #294 was hit 5/30/2002 against Detroit's Seth Greisinger.   It was a solo shot that upped the Indians lead to 6-1.  Jim hit a 2nd HR that same game, which I'll document next post.
- Robert

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Joe Sakic card #308 1993-94 Score The Franchise #17

  • One of the top 10 wanted cards for my player collections is knocked off the list thanks to Gavin.  
  • The Franchise indeed.  Joe played for 2 decades with the Nords/Avalanche.  1378 games played for the franchise will likely stand atop their record books for decades to come.  
  • Market Watch:  Two copies of this card currently on COMC, one at $8.05 and one at $11.50.  One copy on ebay at $5.49.  Thank you Gavin!!
  • Career goal #308 would be scored 10/7/97 vs. the Bruins in a 3-2 home win.  This would start a 7 game goal scoring streak for Joe.  The goalie for Boston on this night was Lord Byron Dafoe.
 - Robert

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Ichiro card #39 2008 Topps Moments & Milestones #63-30

  • More serial #'d madness for Ichiro.  Would have been nice to pick up the card that was serial # 30, but beggars can't be choosers.
  • Thanks to Al from the Hockey Kazi blog for becoming follower #20 on the blog.   Only took a little over 2 years to get there.   Still would like to do a giveaway if I can get some more followers here.   Spread the word...
  • Market Watch:  Currently no copies of the 30 hits card for sale on COMC.  
  • Career game #39 was the 7th straight win for the Mariners, a 7-2 victory over the White Sox.    Ichiro's hit streak would extend to 21 games, and this would be his 5th straight multi-hit game, a 2 for 4 performance with a double, a RBI and a walk.  The 5 straight multi-hit games has raised his average from .338 to .365 and the team has gone 16-5 during his hit streak.
- Robert

Monday, July 9, 2018

Ichiro card #38 2008 Topps Moments & Milestones #63-13

  • This could be a deadly combination, the love that I have for serial #'d cards combined with one of my Player Collections.  238 of these cards is obtainable, right?
  • Bio on the back:  Ichiro has made the All Star team and had over 200 hits in each of his first seven seasons in MLB.   Incredible stuff.
  • Market Watch:   OK, some guy thinks he has the market cornered on this particular card on COMC.  He has both copies for sale, at $9.25 each!!   There are some crazy swings on this card in the COMC market.  
  • Career game #38:   After a 5-1 eastern swing, Ichiro and the Mariners return home to face the White Sox.  He goes 2 for 5 with a run and a RBI in the M's 4-3.  The team win streak is now 6, and Ichiro's hit streak extends to 20 games.  Ichiro is 36 for 99 during the streak with 6 doubles, 4 triples and 12 RBI so far.
- Robert

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Larry Fitzgerald card #9 2004 Press Pass Big Numbers #BN-6

  • Quality control:   Surprised I wasn't called out about this morning's post.  Title of the post had an extra 'R' in Fitzgerald.  For some reason I can't type Larry's last name very well.
  • I've noticed that there are quite a few cards featuring Larry in his Panthers jersey over the course of his career.  
  • Market watch:  7 copies of this card on COMC right now, anywhere between $2.25 and $3.25.  Not bad for a rookie year die cut insert.
  • Catch #9 was his final grab against the Patriots, another 8 yard completion.  Was hoping that game 3 for Larry was better than game 2, but unfortunately it's more of the same.
- Robert

Larry Fitzgerald card #8 2004 Fleer Tradition #332

  • I don't know about you, but I'm sure that Fleer could have done a better job with this card.  
  • Parallels a plenty with this card; there are crystal, blue, green and draft day versions.  Haven't seen any of them yet.  
  • Market watch:  6 copies of this card on COMC, ranging from $5.25 to $8.25.  To be honest, after looking at this card my first thought was that it would be in the $3-$5 range.  When I checked ebay, that was the range that I found for the base RC.  
  • Career catch #8 was for 8 yards against the Patriots.  Larry was actually targeted 12 times in his 2nd career game; but only managed 5 catches vs. the Pats.   Tough day.
- Robert

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Joe Sakic card #307 1998-99 Black Diamond double diamond #23

  • Upper Deck changed things up, serial numbering their double and triple diamond cards.  This card is #'d 133/2000.
  • I need the gold triple diamond version btw, so if you see it for a reasonable price just let me know.
  • Market Watch:  No copies of this card on ebay (as of this writing).  3 copies on COMC, priced from $3.95 to $4.50, which honestly I don't find outrageous at all.  
  • Goal #307 finished off the 96-97 campaign; it was scored on 4/6/97 against the Coyotes in a 2-1 victory.  The goalie that night for Phoenix was Nikolai Khabibulin, the "Bulin Wall".
- Robert

Joe Sakic card #306 1998-99 Black Diamond #23

  • After a great release in 97-98, the Black Diamond set in 98-99 was a bit of a let down for me.  
  • Bio on the back:  "Joe has a 12 game assist streak to his credit, spanning from 2/27/94 to 3/24."  Not too shabby.
  • Market watch:  18 copies of this card on COMC, ranging from 50 cents to $1.50.  Reasonable.  The handful of copies on ebay were within the 99 cent to $1.50 range.
  • Goal #306 came against the Sharks on 4/4/97, part of a 3 point effort in a 7-6 OT loss.  Wade Flaherty was the victim that night.
 - Robert

Joe Sakic card #305 1998-99 Topps Mystery Finest #M20

  • 3 posts for today in honor of Joe's 49th birthday.  Happy Birthday Joe!
  • I like how this card looks, almost like a refractor, but without the refractor technology.  I had no idea that there was a bronze version of this card.   Guess I need it...
  • Market Watch:   One copy on COMC at $5.99.   That's cheap, because when I bought this card many years ago I'm pretty sure I paid $15 for it (the craziness of youth).  There's also one copy on ebay for $10.20.
  • Career goal #305 finished off the hat trick against the Pens on 3/14/97.  Joe would be goalless for the next 8 games.  
 - Robert

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Mats Sundin card #2 1990-91 Score American #398

  • I love this card featuring Sundin in his Swedish Tre Kronor uniform.  I'm not sure if I have any more cards picturing him in the blue and yellow.
  • Also interesting that he's wearing #19, instead of the customary #13 that he wore for his entire NHL career.
  • Market Watch:  Plenty of competition out there for this card, as there are 117 copies of this card currently on COMC.  The range is 59 cents to $1.50.  This is also another set that Beckett stopped listing.
  • Career goal #2 came in his 4th game, this time against the Maple Leafs.  It was part of a 4 point night as the Nords outscored the Leafs 8-5.  It would also be his first career PPG, and it came against Allan Bester.  
- Robert

Mats Sundin card #1 1990-91 Pro Set #636

  • It's been quite a while since I've shown a Pro Set card on this blog, and I thought what better way to get the Mats Sundin collection started than with this colorful version of one of his RCs.
  • This didn't make it in the series 1 release, instead coming in series 2, released in the latter half of the season.
  • Market Watch:  25 copies of this card currently on COMC, ranging from 83 cents to $2.75.  It's kind of hard to tell if the range is reasonable, since there are probably hundreds of thousands of this card out there if this is a good range.  Beckett doesn't even list Pro Set in their price guide anymore.
  • Career goal #1 is listed on the back of Mats' card, an opening night goal against the Hartford Whalers on 10/4/90.  The game ended in a 3-3 tie, with the victim of Mats' first goal being Peter Sidorkiewicz.
- Robert

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Jim Thome card #293 2002 Fleer Tradition #287

  • Kind of a blah design, enhanced only by the US Flag in the lower right hand corner.  Happy 4th of July by the way!!
  • No bio on the back.  Just a list of 10 years worth of stats.  I also did not know that there was a glossy version of this card #'d to 200 copies. 
  • Market Watch:  currently only one copy of this card for sale on COMC.  $3.25.   Yikes.
  • Career home run #293 would come 2 weeks after the previous one; it was hit 5/26/02 off of Toronto's Luke Prokopec.  It would break a scoreless tie in the 2nd, and help the Indians to a 3-1 victory over the Jays.  Bartolo Colon would toss a complete game 4 hitter, giving up only 1 unearned run for his 6th win of the year.
- Robert

Jim Thome card #292 2002 Post Cereal #17

  • Pretty nice card for a food issue.  The only way that you would know it's a Post card is by the small logo on the bottom of the back of the card, otherwise it's just another Topps release.
  • The design is actually pretty good as far as I'm concerned.  Something different from Topps.
  • Market Watch:  5 copies currently on COMC, ranging from $1 to $1.74.  Not bad.  Found 9 listings on ebay, all in the $1 to $2 range.   Didn't think there would be this many copies of this card for sale.
  • Career homer #292 was hit off of KC's Paul Byrd, 5/12/02.  It was a solo shot, but unfortunately it was also the only run that the Tribe would score in a 4-1 loss.  
 - Robert

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Ichiro card #37 2007 Topps Updates & Highlights #UH279

  • Is that a right cross I'm seeing from Chase Utley?  Of course it isn't, but it's an interesting looking photo as it appears that Ichiro is backing away from Utley.
  • The back is kind of boring, just comparing the stats of the 2 players from the 2006 season.  Of course by the time this was released 2007 was likely already done.
  • This is also the first card from 2007 Topps that I've featured on this blog.
  • Market watch:  7 copies of this card currently on COMC, anywhere from 88 cents to $1.25.  The only copy I could find on ebay was the gold parallel, listed at $3.25.
  • Career game #37.  Ichiro finishes off the sweep in Toronto with a 3 for 4 day, 3 runs scored, a double and a triple.  The 3 game sweep sees Ichiro hit .600 against the Jays, with an OPS of 1.647.  He came to Canada with a .338 average, and left with a .362.   Nice exchange rate!
- Robert

Ichiro card #36 2006 Fleer Ultra #80

  • Fantastic shot of Ichiro about to make contact with the baseball.  Swings don't get much better than his.
  • Bio on the back:  "...the superstar outfielder also established a Mariners record with 12 triples in 2005."   This kind of surprised me, as the M's have had quite a few speedy players in their 40+ year history.  
  • 5 copies of this card currently on COMC, ranging from 69 cents to 75 cents.   The Gold Medallion version also had a copy for 69 cents.  The key word in that 2nd sentence is "had".
  • Career game #36 was a pretty good one for Ichiro.  He went 4 for 6 with a 2B, 3B, a RBI and 3 runs scored as the Mariners beat their expansion cousins 11-7.  He raised his batting average 11 points to .351 and his OPS went up 36 points to .846.
- Robert

Monday, July 2, 2018

Larry Fitzgerald card #7 2004 Finest #100

  • The design reminds me of a bullseye.  If that refers to the Cardinals getting it right by drafting Fitz, it certainly fits.
  • Larry is one of 6 1st round picks from the 2003 draft to play in the 2017 season.  See if you can name the other 5 without looking it up.   I could only name the 3 QB's, not the DB or TE.
  • 3 copies of this card on COMC now, ranging from $10.25 to $14.99.  Not bad.
  • Catch #7 also came against the Patriots, an 6 yard grab in the 4th quarter.  I noticed when looking over the game stats for this game that the Cardinals really didn't pose much of a threat offensively against the Patriots.  
- Robert

Larry Fitzgerald card #6 2004 Bowman #125

  • For a photo that was probably taken in a rookie photo shoot, they sure made Larry stretch it out.
  • Bio on the back:  Hauled in at least one six-pointer in 16 straight games.  22 TD's in 2003.  Wow!
  • 6 copies of this card on COMC.  Lowest is $8, highest is $14.95.  Is it just me, or are Larry's RC's still under appreciated?  I would have thought with his career to date that his Rookie Cards would be more expensive.  Maybe my ignorance of the football card collecting market is showing here....
  • Career catch #6 is Larry's first career catch that didn't gain yardage.  Larry's consecutive streak of quarters in which he had at least one catch stopped at 5.  The catch was for no gain in the 3rd quarter of the 23-12 loss to the Patriots on 9-19.
- Robert

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Joe Sakic card #304 1998-99 UD MVP Silver Script #53

  • This card is the closest I come to owning a Joe Sakic autographed card.   His auto cards are very expensive (for me anyway) and it'll be a while before I invest in one.
  • Parallel universe:  Very easy to obtain this card (I believe I've had it since 98-99).  I'm still looking for the gold script (#'d to 100) and super script (#'d to 25) versions.  Yes, I do want them.
  • 2 copies of this card on COMC, $1.25 & $1.50 currently.   Not outrageous at all....
  • Sakic's 304th career goal was goal #2 of the hat trick I mentioned this morning.  Just another chance to get Ken Wregget's name on the blog again.
- Robert

Joe Sakic card #303 1998-99 UD MVP #53

  • Card detective:  This was an easy one.  #33 for the Blues in the 97-98 season was Scott Pellerin.  Stats are linked if you need a refresher.
  • Don't laugh too hard:  This set is one of my favorites from the 90's.  The price point was right, it had parallels (my weakness), and the photos were for the most part typical UD quality.
  • Just two copies on COMC, one at 98 cents and one at $1.25.   The ridiculousness from yesterday's posts has died off...
  • Goal #303 was the first of 3 on the night against the Penguins, 3/14/97.  The hat trick broke a 4 game goalless drought and helped the Avs to a 6-3 win.  Ken Wregget was the victim for all 3 goals.
- Robert