Thursday, June 23, 2016

Brett Lawrie card #24 2013 Topps Chrome #54

  • First of 4 posts today all featuring similar looking cards of the tattooed one.  There's a reason for the 4 posts, you'll find out on the last one so bear with me.
  • Love the way this scanned.  It almost looks like the regular black parallels from base Topps.  The Jays logo on the lower right pops even more (for me anyways) because of this.
  • Career HR #24 for Brett came off of Boston's Andrew Miller, 5/12/2013.  I knew that Miller has pitched really well for the Yankees the past couple of seasons, so I did a quick run of his stats.  The HR that Brett hit was one of 3 that Miller gave up in '13, in 30 IP.  His career stats have him at 1 HR every 11 IP, which over 200 innings is 18 HR in a season.  3 of the 4 earned runs Miller has conceded this year have been homers.
- Robert

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