Sunday, June 5, 2016

Jim Thome card #69 1996 Pinnacle Christie Brinkley Collection #14

  • I almost decided to scan the back of the card instead of the front, largely because Christie and Jim were together on the back, but I decided to stick with tradition and scan only the front of the card.
  • Speaking of punch outs, I decided to look up the all time strikeout leaders, and Jim sits 2nd all time.   I knew he struck out a fair bit, but to be only behind Reggie Jackson in career strikeouts is staggering.  Let's put it this way, using a 600AB season, Jim struck out approximately 4 1/4 seasons of his career...
  • On the other hand, Jim walked 1747 times during his career, or just under 3 full seasons.   So, about 1/3 of Jim's hitting career was either striking out or walking.  
- Robert

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