Sunday, June 12, 2016

Felix Potvin card #3 2001-2002 BAP Between The Pipes The Mask #22

  • I normally try not to go out of order when posting cards, but this card I picked up yesterday at the monthly card show for just $5, and I had to show it off.  I hadn't owned a copy of any of the Mask cards previously, and always thought they were cool, if not a little overpriced.  This was the first card I saw at the 2nd table I sat down at, so it was an easy decision to buy it.
  • I didn't realize that the paint job for Felix's mask while he was in LA added a crown to the standard cat motif.  The purple makes it look even better.  To me, this card is fantastic.
  • I wasn't sure how long Felix was in LA, so a quick check showed that he was there for 3 seasons, including a 71 game run during the 01-02 season where he recorded 6 shutouts, and was 7th in Vezina trophy voting.  
- Robert

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