Friday, September 30, 2016

Joe Sakic card #115 1995-96 Collectors Choice Players Club #288

  • Unlike some parallels in other sets, the Players Club parallel was easy to spot.  The border gray instead of white, and the Players Club stamp along the left hand side in foil.  
  • Seeded one per pack, these weren't hard to come by at all.  I'm still about 90 cards away from putting together the set.  Maybe one day I'll get it together and scoop up the rest.
  • 95-96 CC is another set that Beckett has moved to the back burner and not included on their pages.  So as always, I move to COMC to get a price range.  There are currently 9 copies of the card on the site, ranging from $1.49 (cheap) to $5.25.  I would say that this card would normally range in the 2-3 dollar area (my best guess anyhow).
- Robert

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