Thursday, September 8, 2016

Jim Thome card #105 1997 Topps Stadium Club #18

  • Less is more.  I like most of the other Stadium Club designs, but this logo leaves something to be desired for me.  For me, it's just too much for a SC card.
  • Bio on the back:  "Powered most HR's in 60 years by an Indian LH hitter."  You know I had to find out who the player was 60 years ago.  It was Hal Trosky.  A little coincidence here, Jim wore #25 throughout his time in Cleveland, Trosky wore #25 during his first season with the Tribe in 1933.  
  • The comparison ends there though as far as team power.  Trosky hit 32 of the Indians 103 HR in 1937, while Thome hit 38 of the 218 HRs that the mighty '96 Tribe club hit.  That '96 team may be the best offensive club ever not to win the World Series.
- Robert

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