Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Jim Thome card #104 1997 Circa #391

  • What's the word I'm looking for to describe this card.  Let me think.  Oh ya, LOUD!
  • OK, be honest with me out there.  Did anyone buy packs of these when they came out in 1997?  I'm not going to disparage you if you did, because people collect what they want to collect.  Please tell me what attracted you to packs of these.  I'd love to hear some thought processes when it comes to this set.
  • Looking at the back, I like this stat that you don't see every day.  XB/H.  Basically it's the percentage of base hits that went for extra bases.  Jim's XBH was .452 in 1996, or in other words 45.2% of Jim's hits were either doubles, triples or home runs.  Just another way of expressing slugging percentage, without the actual total bases being computed.
- Robert

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