Friday, September 9, 2016

Jim Thome card #106 1997 Fleer #90

  • The never ending year:  I've posted 18 cards including this one from 1997 for Thome.   I still have 11 more to go.  I'm sure that when I look at my checklist there will be a boat load more to pick up.  Holy shit...
  • Kind of a shock seeing this card after last night's Circa card, huh?  Even the feel of the card is blah compared to the high gloss cards that have been the staple for years.
  • Fleer '97 was quite a set, 761 cards in total.  Have the David Ortiz (Arias) RC?  Excellent, it still lists for $30 and should go up as he climbs up the home run charts.  I like him for the Hall of Fame as well in a few years.  That speech will be interesting to say the least...
- Robert

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