Monday, November 21, 2016

Jim Thome card #134 1998 Pinnacle #196

  • I love this card.  I really do.  The Goin' Jake line at the bottom does it for me, because it refers to the actual name of the stadium, Jacobs Field.  This renaming stadiums/arenas every few years to me is a load of bullshit; the Sabres new rink has already had 3 sponsors in a decade.  
  • Another reason I like this card?  The red American League All Star uniform that Jim is wearing.  It's great to see something a little different than the Indians logo.
  • I also love the shot of ball park in the background, and I think to myself when looking at it "is there any part of the park that Jim didn't hit a ball to?"
  • Jim went 0 for 1 in the '97 ASG, grounding out to short off of Shawn Estes of the Giants.  Estes would give up a 2 run homer to Jim's teammate Sandy Alomar Jr.  That would be the deciding blow in a 3-1 AL win.
- Robert

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