Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Joe Sakic card #218 1997-98 Pinnacle Mint Collection Bronze #12

  • Have a couple horizontal cards in a row of Joe to show.  Somewhere in my house I have a bronze coin from one of the Mint sets featuring Sakic.  Where it is, I don't know at the moment.
  • If it weren't for the Avalanche jersey, I would have believed that this was a photo from very early in Joe's career.  Must have had a good close shave just before game time that day.
  • Priced on COMC anywhere from 65 cents to $1.75, this is no longer found in Beckett's monthly magazine.  I would say that $1.75 might be a bit pricey for this card, but anywhere from 65 cents to a buck would be about right.
- Robert

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