Friday, July 7, 2017

Joe Sakic card #215 1997-98 Black Diamond triple diamond #96

  • On the third post of the day, I had to figure out who the Calgary player was trying to check Joe.  It turns out that the Flame is Todd Simpson, who played 580 games over 10 season for 7 different clubs.  You could have some fun watching Simpson fights on you tube.   I found one here for your entertainment. 
  • Triple diamond, gold color with the three diamonds on the lower right.  Tough to pull, I remember having to pay about $4 to add this to my collection.  
  • Joe's 215th career goal was his last of the shortened 94-95 season, as he and the Nordiques beat the Whalers 4-1 to end the season 30-13-5.  
- Robert

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