Thursday, July 13, 2017

Jim Thome card #213 2000 Topps Chrome #360

  • Usually with similar cards I like to show them at once, kind of get them out of the way.  I showed the other 3 Thome cards that look similar to this back on the 4th.  Not sure why I did that.
  • Check out Chief Wahoo, his teeth look like Heath Ledger in the Patriot after his girlfriend made him drink tea spiked with ink.  Funny how the Chrome flaws are a lot more evident on a scan.
  • Career home run #213 was hit 6/14/2000 off White Sox starter Kip Wells.  It was a solo shot in the first inning to narrow the Sox margin to 5-4.  The Sox would score 5 more runs in the 2nd inning and go on to win 11-4.  
- Robert

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