Sunday, July 10, 2016

Joe Sakic card #84 1993-94 Pinnacle #290

  • Bio on the back: "Joe earned a place among the NHL's elite by recording three 100-point seasons prior to his 24th birthday".  Unfortunately the card doesn't go into detail as to who the other players who did this were...
  • Is that a bit of a black eye under Joe's left eye?  Because of this I decided to look up how many fights Joe had during his career.  Thanks to, I found out that Joe had just 2.  The opponents?  Doug Gilmour and Gary Leeman.
  • In the background, there appears to be 4 empty seats in the front row.  In hockey mad Quebec?  Can't be.  If it were Toronto, I would have said that this photo was taken at the beginning of a period, because the people in those seats at the ACC would still be at the lounge drinking a beer.
- Robert

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