Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Andrew McCutchen card #15 2012 Topps #497

  • Bio on the back:  Topps included Andrew's minor league stats on this card, and there is no indication of the 20+ HR power that he now boasts in the minors.  His only full season at AAA Indianapolis he hit just 9 HR and drove in 50.  
  • One of my favorite parts of PNC Park is the scoreboard on the face of the Clemente wall.  I am one of those people that enjoys having the scores from around baseball available when I go to games, so seeing this in the background of Andrew's card reminds me of how much I love PNC Park.
  • This is card #497A actually.  There is a variation that shows Andrew in a hitting stance in his Homestead Grays uniform with the Pirate mascot on one knee.  The 3rd card with #497 on it pictures Roberto Clemente.  You can't tell the players (or the cards) without a program anymore...
- Robert

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