Monday, July 11, 2016

Jim Thome card #84 1996 Topps #253

  • Bio on the back:  Thome's 97 walks in 1995 was the most by an Indian since his manager at the time, Mike Hargrove, took 101 walks in 1982.  I'm sure a lot of Hargrove's walks were because his ABs took so long that pitchers forgot where the strike zone was.
  • Don't know if I care for the 2nd image of Thome's face on the lower left.  It looks kind of squashed and doesn't enhance the card's appeal in my opinion.
  • 1996 was a very small set as far as Topps is concerned.  Only 440 cards, but Beckett also lists a hobby set (449) and a cereal set (444) to go along with the regular base set.  The key RC in that set?  MLB Network's Sean Casey ($4).
- Robert

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