Monday, April 24, 2017

Joe Sakic card #197 1996-97 Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion #G40

  • I'll say this to my dying day, Fleer made a big mistake by switching to the "Gold Medallion Edition" stamp instead of the traditional gold background on these parallels.  It most certainly wasn't the same as in past years, where pulling a GM was "special"
  • I mentioned this earlier today, but seeing a gold medallion parallel of this card sell for less than the base card on COMC is really wrong.  Ultra is no longer listed in the Beckett hockey magazine, but I'm sure that the parallels were roughly 3-5x the base card.  Someone correct me if my memory is wrong (which it usually is).
  • Plan on hitting card #200 for both Sakic and Thome this week.  Will probably feature a jersey card for Joe and either a jersey or bat card for Jim.  
- Robert

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  1. My all time favorite design in sports card History. Fleer used it in all 5 sports and I think it looks great in all of them. I like the NBA version better because it has holofoil for the name. I know the football version does too.