Monday, April 10, 2017

Jim Thome card #190 1999 Pacific Aurora #56

  • Not a bad card, nothing fancy on the front.  Like the contrast of the color in the front photo with the black and white of the background photo.
  • Even the photo on the back is solid; black and white showing Jim getting ready in the field. No bio at all on the back, just stats from the previous season and for Jim's career.
  • Career home run #190 came 9/1/99 off of the Angels Mike Fyrhie (Fear-ee).  The Indians were already ahead 6-0 at the time and would cruise to a 8-1 victory to give Dave Burba his 12th win of the season.
  • Follow up on the last bullet point; Jim finished that game on September 1st with 87 RBI for the season.  At the time, he was 4th best on the Indians!  Sexson (93), R. Alomar (99) and Ramirez (136) all had driven in more runs than Jim.  
- Robert

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