Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Jim Thome card #189 1999 Pacific Prism #47

  • Just 10 more posts from 500 for this blog.  Should get there sometime next week.  I'll likely do a Sakic post as I hit that milestone.
  • Really haven't a lot of Pacific cards on the blog for any of the players that I PC.  This Prism isn't too overstated, the background is nice and shiny (always a plus) and the design doesn't take over the card.
  • Career homer #189 finished off the month of August/99 for Jim.  He hit it against Chuck Finley of the Angels, which tied the game at 1 in the 2nd.  Almost 4 hours later, it would be an afterthought as the Indians came back to beat the Angels in a 14-12 slugfest, which included a 10 run 8th inning.
- Robert

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