Sunday, April 16, 2017

Joe Sakic card #194 1996-97 Collectors Choice #336

  • This post is #500 for this blog, probably far more than I ever thought would come to pass, as many "2nd blogs" that I've tried have failed miserably.   I've really enjoyed showing off my PCs over the past 16 months, and slowly building an online checklist has actually become fun.
  • Can't imagine a pair of stars from the Western Conference in the mid 90's bigger than Selanne and Gretzky to adorn this card with Joe.  
  • There are 8 ungraded copies of this on COMC, with a price range of 73 cents to $2.
  • There is 1 graded copy (BGS 8.5) of this card on COMC, listed at $9.95.  Never sure why people would bother to grade cards such as this, but what do I know?
- Robert

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