Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Two months in the books--February review

The first two months of the blog have come to a close, and I've managed to keep on posting at least one card a day for the entire month.  If I'm going to get a solid checklist up for myself and potential trade partners, the posting must continue.

In the month of February, I gained 3 followers to get to a grand total of 4 (thank you Tony, Raz and John).   I also appreciate Raz putting me in his blog roll, every little bit of publicity helps!

I also had 208 page views in February (up from January's 145) as of this writing, which is also encouraging.  I know that this blog isn't going to get the high follower/high traffic that the popular blogs receive, but if I can provide a bit of a distraction for a few people at one point in their busy day, all the better.  This blog is still serving my goal of creating an online checklist for my PCs so I don't have to carry around a ton of paper when I go to shows. 

This will be my 65th post, and maybe with a mini marathon or two, I'll hit 100 posts in March.

I'm also still debating on adding a 4th Player PC, there are a couple of guys who I started collections for in the past that I might start up again.  I'm just not sure if I want to add a 3rd baseball player, or a 2nd hockey player.

Either way, it's more writing material....

- Robert

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  1. ADD them. just think one day there will bE A HUNDRED of em! I'm gonna getcha on the next package.