Saturday, March 26, 2016

Joe Sakic card #42 1992-93 OPC #55

  • Interesting that OPC "updated" rookie cards from over the years and put them as part of the base set in 1992-93.  The back of the card touts that the photo has never been used before.  I'm also sure that the photo is not from Joe's rookie season, since he wore #88 that year.
  • Take a look where the A or C letter would be.  It almost looks as if they cut out the letter and sewed in some kind of patch.  
  • Funny that this card featuring the RC border is worth more than the base card that I showed in the previous post.  (75 cents vs. 40 cents)
  • Yes, that is an oversized border at the top of the card.  Not sure if that was done to mimic some of the oversized borders that appeared in the 89-90 set.

- Robert

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