Friday, March 18, 2016

Jim Thome card #34 1994 Score gold rush #167

  • After not showing any parallels for Thome over the first 30+ cards, this is the 2nd one in a week.  The gold border scanned a lot darker than I thought it would. 
  • While hunting for some stats for this post, I found this article about Thome.  I take the fact that Thome was a great player for granted, but it was interesting to read about the doubts he had about becoming a full time big leaguer.
  • I looked at the beginning of the '94 season, and noticed that Jim didn't even get to start the first game against Seattle.  Makes sense when you look and see that Randy Johnson was the opening day starter.  Thome vs. Johnson career--1 for 9, 6 K's and a solo HR.
- Robert

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