Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Joe Sakic card #238 1997-98 Leaf #35

  • The sunburst design on the front is one of those take it or leave it designs for me.  I probably would leave it...
  • Card detective:  I'm only able to do this one because I recognize the design on the left sleeve of Joe's opponent.  That's the old Phoenix Coyotes design, and #26 was worn by Jeff Finley, a defenseman who played 708 games over parts of 16 seasons in the NHL.
  • Interesting range of prices on COMC, the cheapest being 39 cents (very cheap) to the high of $1.75 (a bit much).
  • I still need the Fire on Ice insert from this set, but the only copy on COMC is listed at $28.  That ain't happening...
- Robert

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