Monday, May 23, 2016

Jim Thome card #61 1996 Upper Deck #54

  • I like that the nameplate isn't in gold foil.  I'm sure that if the name/team/position was in foil, it would have been impossible to read.
  • By the looks of the swing and the body position, along with the facial expression, it appears that Jim is hopeful that the ball he just hit is going out of play.
  • The '96 season saw Jim win his first Silver Slugger award.  He hit .311 with 38 HR and 116 RBI.  Jim also walked 123 times, one of 9 seasons that he had more than 100 walks.  What was surprising for me is that '96 also saw his career high for hits in a season, with 157.  I thought that Jim might have come closer to 200 hits in a season at least once, but apparently not...
 - Robert

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