Thursday, April 28, 2016

Jim Thome card #52 1995 Pinnacle #18

  • Great photo of Thome in the air making a throw across the diamond.  The photo is so good you can see the cleats on the bottom of his shoes...
  • On this date in 2003, Thome hit career home run #338 off of the Los Angeles Dodgers Darren Dreifort.  The Phillies won that game 3-0.
  • Did I miss something about this set?  I looked up on COMC to see what this card was selling for.  One copy was $2.25, the other was $21.65?!  Sportlots has a more reasonable range, 18 to 66 cents. 
  • I couldn't even find this set listed in Beckett.  Not sure why that is....
- Robert

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