Friday, April 29, 2016

Brett Lawrie card #17 2012 Allen & Ginter #122

  • It's fun to watch the tattoos develop over the 3 years of Ginter between 2012-2014.  Here, his arms are mostly bare.  By 2014, there's no real estate whatsoever on his arms.
  • While his teammates fared quite well, the recent 3 game series against his former club wasn't so great for Brett.  1 for 13 with 5 K's.
  • Common RC's from the '12 A&G set list in Beckett from 40 cents to a dollar.  COMC has 55 copies listed anywhere from 47 cents to $2.74.  It's actually been interesting to find out what people think prices should be...
- Robert

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