Saturday, April 16, 2016

Jim Thome card #47 1995 SP #146

  • Wonder if Jim left the guy on the right hand side of his head hanging...
  • I was always a fan of the SP brand back in the 90's, and the red field on the left hand side I think looks better than the gold.  That's just me.  
  • The photo on the back of this card is probably better than the one on the front.  It features Jim in mid air finishing a throw.  It also details that Jim hit a 2 HR game on June 22nd in 1994, then performed the feat again a month later.
  • If you're wondering what happened to yesterday's post, the calendar in my head got screwed up.  The 2:00 post today was supposed to happen on Friday.   First hiccup....

- Robert

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