Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Joe Sakic card #144 1995-96 Bowman #42

  • Sakic will probably be the reason I hit 400 posts by the new year.  He has so many parallels of base cards coming up, and with my habit of posting both base and parallel the same day now the 2-a-days will make things easier.
  • Going off the comment I made the other day about women in the crowd on hockey cards, sure enough there's another one just behind Joe's right arm.  That will probably be a theme going forward for Sakic posts...
  • I really like this design for Bowman.  Nothing too overpowering, the name and team logo are both a decent size, but don't take over the card.  The "3-sided border" is different, but works for this design IMO.
- Robert

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