Friday, December 9, 2016

Andrew McCutchen card #34 2013 Bowman Chrome green refractor #136

  • It's been very disheartening to hear all the trade rumors swirling with Andrew's name.  It's a shame that a star like Andrew should be just another chip off the old trade block.
  • Love the scan, kind of a greenish yellow tint to it.  I looked at other cards from this set and they seem to scan the same.  Speaking of scans, this one was not added to the Trading Card Database, so I made the effort of adding it in.
  • Needs 196 hits to reach 1500 for his career.  If he stays healthy, I think 2500 career hits is quite likely, but 3000 would be long shot.  He'd have to play into his early 40's in my opinion to hit that golden number...
- Robert

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