Saturday, December 3, 2016

Jim Thome card #141 1998 Pinnacle Performers #35

  • Pulled this out of the binder this morning, and I think to myself "Pinnacle Performers"??  After doing a little research, I find out that this was the second to last set that Pinnacle released before they went bankrupt.  It was all veterans, no rookie cards at all, and was priced at $1.99 for an eight card pack.
  • Rarity:  Umpire in the background of the card.  Don't have too many cards that feature an umpire anymore.  I could probably count the ones I have on one hand.
  • The back of the card breaks down the '97 season for Jim by month.  He hit the most homers in June (12), which was also the month that he played in the fewest games (22).  
- Robert

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