Monday, December 19, 2016

Jim Thome card #145 1998 Bowman International #56

  • A bit hard to see due to the scan, but that is mid-America in behind Thome in map form.  The concept of the Bowman International parallels has kind of grown on me over time.
  • Jim finished 2nd in OPS during the 1998 season, with a .997 mark.  Only Albert Belle at 1.055 was better that season.
  • Jim was drafted 333rd overall in 1990.  There are only two other names that I recognize that were drafted in that same spot.  Mat Latos was drafted 333rd in 2006, two years before that Michael Saunders (who played with the Jays last year) was taken by the Mariners in spot 333.
- Robert

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