Saturday, December 31, 2016

Andrew McCutchen card #37 2013 Topps Update '71 mini #TM-12

  • Had to do a bit of hunting to find out what set this card came from.  I thought it was part of the base set, only to find that the '71 minis were from the Update set.
  • Career home run #37 came 10 days after the previous one.  It was hit in Wrigley Field off of Scott Maine, a 2 run shot that was part of a 10-0 whitewashing of the Cubs.   Paul Maholm threw the 3 hit shutout that day.
  • To sum up 2016, I did a lot more on this blog than I ever thought I would.  
By the numbers:

  1. 12 followers (thank you)
  2. 5962 page views (as of 1PM today)
  3. 397 posts--didn't hit 400 like I wanted to, doing it this weekend would have been rushed and probably crappy...
  4. 5 player PC's rolling now and I may add a 6th.
Thanks for a great 2016, and pass the word along, there's room for more followers here.

- Robert

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