Thursday, March 23, 2017

Joe Sakic card #184 1996-97 Upper Deck Super Star Showdown #SS16A

  • Chalk up another card that I was able to add to the Trading Card Database.  Kind of surprised that this card wasn't on there...
  • Haven't shown many die cut cards so far, so I was pleased at how well I was able to crop this scan.  I usually end up doing a butcher job on die cuts.
  • There are 60 cards in the Super Star Showdown insert set, 30 pairs of players.  Card #SS16B is another famous #19 from that era, Steve Yzerman.
  • The Sakic card is listed at $3, half of Yzerman's.  Only Lemieux and Gretzky are higher than $6, at $8 and $10 respectively.
- Robert

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