Friday, February 3, 2017

Joe Sakic card #160 1995-96 Collectors Choice You Crash the Game Silver Winner #C9

  • It's funny, you think you have a card in your collection for many a year, then someone sends it to you, and you find out you never had it.   
  • The only card I need now to finish off the YCTG 95-96 run is the gold set winner.  So I head over to COMC to find out how much they're going for.  $1.   Don't need it anymore....
  • I have posted 160 cards for both Sakic and Thome.  Maybe to keep myself motivated, it's time for a goal.  Let's shoot for 200 cards for each of them by the end of March.  56 days to do it.   Going to be some 2 a days coming up!!
- Robert

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