Saturday, February 11, 2017

Jim Thome card #167 1999 Bowman #221

  • Like the design of this card.  Bowman incorporated the signature portion that I always liked on cards over the years, even it is just a facsimile.
  • Jim's name is a little tough to read though, with the scan turning the letters kind of black.  Maybe if they had used the red on the player's name, similar to the Bowman logo in the upper left, the card would have scanned (and looked) much better.
  • Career homer #167 was hit 4/29/99 off of Oakland's Mike Oquist.  It was a 2 run shot in the 4th inning, and would be the decisive runs in a 8-3 win.  
  • There were three teams on 4/29/99 that would score 15+ runs in the American League.  Anaheim destroyed Toronto 17-1, Kansas City beat the O's 15-5 and Seattle scored 22 in a 22-6 rout of the Tigers.  
- Robert

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