Saturday, February 4, 2017

Jim Thome card #162 1999 UD Choice Starquest Green #SQ20

  • Of the 4 colors that Starquest used (Blue, Green, Red and Gold), the green is probably my 2nd favorite, just behind the red.  
  • Price Check:  COMC seems to be right on the mark for the Starquest parallels.  Blue is at 50 cents (all prices are the cheapest), Green is at $1.50 and red is at $2.65.  No gold parallels are currently listed.  I couldn't find any gold Starquest cards for Thome on ebay as well. 
  • It's amazing what you notice on a baseball card, even after you've had it for years.  Jim's belt is red.  Matches the long sleeve shirt and his socks.  Fashion conscious for sure!!
- Robert

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