Monday, June 26, 2017

Joe Sakic card #209 1997-98 Invincible Feature Performers #10

  • We begin the 97-98  Sakic collection with a loud entry, the Feature Performers insert from the Pacific Invincible release.  
  • It might have been a little more convincing had Joe been skating in the photo instead of standing still.  You're not going to break through too many walls while not moving.
  • An early count of my Sakic collection shows 40 cards from 97-98, including several parallels.  The scary part is that the Trading Card Database lists a total of 266 cards from this season.  That means I own less than 1/6th of the cards available.   Yikes.
  • I was able to add this card to the TCDB though.  Seeing the list of Sakic cards from this season on the site makes me hopeful that I'll be able to add a few more of them before too long.
- Robert

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