Monday, June 5, 2017

Joe Sakic card #203 1996-97 Pinnacle McDonald's Ice Breakers #McD10

  • I did not think that this card would scan well at all.  It didn't scan badly, but the 3D effect distorts the players in the background, diminishing the quality of this card.
  • Interesting that on the back of the card, the English portion says Ice Breakers, while the French version translates to Star Players.  I guess that the old "same, only different" line applies here.
  • This was part of a 40 card set released by McDonald's in Canada.  According to the TCDB, cards 21-31 were short printed.  Good thing the SPs were a bunch of no names such as Lemieux, Jagr, Roy and Messier.  Hate to see if there were any stars in the SPs how much they would go for...
 - Robert

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