Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Andrew McCutchen card #58 2015 Donruss #140

  • Love how the yellow and black in the border matches the team's colors.   Maybe that's why I don't totally dislike Donruss as much as I used to.  Looking at the cards a little closer I'm beginning to notice the subtle nuances (maybe too fancy a word for this blog).
  • Bio on the back:  The back chronicles Andrew falling a few feet short of hitting for the cycle on 7/4/14 against the Phillies.  He just missed the homer, but had 4 hits in a 8-2 win.  I'd love to see Andrew accomplish that feat before too long.
  • Sometimes, I have to look up the prices of cards on COMC just for a laugh.  There are currently 19 copies of this card on there right now, with 47 cents being the cheapest and $1.75 (!) being the most expensive.
  • In contrast, there are 135 copies available on Sportlots with 43 copies priced above the minimum 18 cents.  The most expensive?  35 cents.
- Robert

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