Sunday, March 26, 2017

Joe Sakic card #186 1996-97 Fleer NHL Picks #2

  • Had a bit of a struggle finding the card # on the back.  Turns out it was in the upper right hand corner, in red on a dark gray border.  I'll be glad to get rid of this cataract next month and be able to see better...
  • Interesting that this set was skip-numbered, using only even numbers.  This means that Sakic's card was the first of this set.
  • The back of the card projected Joe's scoring totals to be 43-76-119.  His actual total in 96-97 was 22-52-74.  Joe also missed 15 games during the 96-97 season.  His playoff totals were more normal, putting up 25 points in 17 games.
- Robert

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