Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Joe Sakic card #179 1996-97 Score #9

  • For the price point, Score usually did a pretty nice job with their sets.  Nothing fancy, but nothing simplistic as well.  
  • The 8 cards before him in the set?  Brodeur, Shanahan, R. Niedermayer, Friesen, Numminen, Mario Lemieux, Lindros and Kariya.   That's a pretty good first page if you finished the set and put it into a binder.
  • Card detective:  I'm pretty sure that the other player in the pic is from the Whalers, but only being able to see the #9 means it could be one of 3 players.  Kelly Chase wore 39, Brendan Shanahan wore 94 and Jeff O'Neill wore 92.  Close as I'm going to get I'm afraid...
- Robert

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