Monday, March 27, 2017

Brett Lawrie card #50 2013 Gypsy Queen White Frame #243

  • Haven't met a blue/white/brown framed card from GQ that I didn't like.  Even though this isn't serial #'d like the others, it's still a great card in my eyes.
  • As far as I'm aware, Brett is still without a contract after being released by the White Sox on 3/3.  I'd like to see him get one more run as he's still young (27).
  • Copies of this card on COMC range from $1.24 to $1.75.  I think that those prices might have to come down a bit for them to sell.
  • Halfway to 100 with this post for Lawrie.  Will have to see if I wish to keep purchasing cards once I hit 100.
- Robert

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